Cornerstone Theater Company


What’s Up With Cornerstone?

2021 has been a busy year so far and we’ve got a lot more coming up. Here are a few of the projects and programs we are working on:

March – August 2020: Performing Our Stories/Transformative Arts

A correspondence and creative journaling process with participants in the Wasco State Prison culminating in an illustrated radio play inspired by community stories.

April – June 2020: What Happens Next (online)

Reimagining Naomi Iizuka’s play by, for and about veterans What Happens Next as an online project with the Blue Ox Veterans Program in Eureka, the Challenged Athletes Foundation in San Diego and veteran organizations in Culver City.

May – October 2020: The San Pedro Community Play Project (Phase 1)

Motivated by the redevelopment process of the Rancho San Pedro housing, Cornerstone Theater is working with resident families there and across San Pedro to explore changes in the neighborhood. What’s the history of the people of San Pedro, beyond the information that is written down? What are the stories of the people who live there and what are their dreams for the future of the community.

May – June 2021: Cornerstone Book Club: Winter Counts

Join fellow Cornerstone community members in May to read David Heska Wanbli Weiden’s book Winter Counts then be a part of the conversation between David and playwright Larissa FastHorse.

Summer 2021: The D/N/Lakota Project

Cornerstone continues its work on the third play of the trilogy written by Larissa FastHorse in collaboration with Native American communities.

The D/N/Lakota Project will be a community generated and performed immersive theatrical experience created in collaboration with Lakota communities of South Dakota.

2022/2023 – The Body Politic

Engaging with the current social political movements and choreographer Ana Maria Alvarez to explore the relationship between activism and the body.

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