Cornerstone Theater Company

The D/N/Lakota Project

Pine Ridge Sioux Indian Reservation, South Dakota, Sioux (Lakota) Indian family at home in travel trailer

The D/N/Lakota Project is the third in a series of productions in collaboration with indigenous people of U.S. lands. Following Urban Rez with and about Native people of and/or living in the Los Angeles Basin, and Native Nationa collaboration with those of and/or living in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

The D/N/Lakota Project builds on these two processes working with Native communities in South Dakota and explores the strength and perseverance of their culture, language and identity in the face of adversity. Collaborating with residents of the Rosebud, Pine Ridge and other Lakota reservations, as well as Rapid City, Cornerstone will present this new production in multiple South Dakota locations. Expect music, marketplaces, dance, fashion, ritual, and telling of current Native stories in an interactive, accessible theatrical experience.

Partner organizations include First Peoples Fund, Racing Magpie, Black Hills Playhouse, the City of Rapid City, and Lakota culture bearers.