Cornerstone Theater Company

Innovative Partnerships

For more than 30 years, Cornerstone Theater Company has been engaging with communities and changing lives through in-depth, inclusive, artistic projects.

Now, with our new social enterprise Cornerstone//Connect, we will bring our artistic tools, methods, strategies and processes to help your business, organization or brand make an impact.

The use of Cornerstone’s methodology in community engagement or as an internal communications tool is a powerful instrument for motivating change, cultivating connections and prompting new ways of thinking.

Cornerstone’s model of community engagement, based on gathering stories from real people and creating plays inspired by those stories, is flexible, scalable and nimble enough to adapt to the specific context, needs and goals of your organization.

Partnering with Cornerstone offers an organization the unique opportunity to reach and communicate directly with communities of your constituents in a deeper and more impactful way than traditional education and marketing efforts are able.

Our collaborations produce powerful results:

We Reach Hard to Tap Demographics
We Exercise a Unique, In-Depth Market Research Practice
We Make Connections between Diverse Communities and Local Area Organizations
We Motivate Change and Create Educators and Advocates
We Deal in Word of Mouth Marketing and Grassroots Organizing
We Strengthen a Company’s Image as a Giving, Philanthropic Company
We Increase Company Creativity and Innovative Thinking

For more information about Cornerstone’s services, please contact us.