Cornerstone Theater Company

Change Series

Change happens. What do we have to let go? Can we celebrate impermanence?  If you fight change, can you win? How do you engage change? Is it happening to you?

We live in the midst of a calamitous climate change and the political shift in our country has been shocking. Locally, economic changes in Los Angeles are forcing entire segments of the population out of their longtime neighborhoods in what appears to some to be a resegregation of the city along class and color lines.

With our new body of work, the Change Series, we not only seek to explore the meaning of change happening both locally and globally, in the lives of our communities, but also in the work we do as a theater company. It feels crucial that we wrestle with our trepidation and find common cause, resilience and hope in collaboration and dialogue. Partnership and collaboration are the core of our artistic engagement with community, and our plan is to continue in this work. In order to push us, to open us up to new possibilities and shake us out of what complacencies we may not be aware of, we are committed over the next several years to collaborating with visionary artists and companies in other disciplines and fields, such as dancers, architects, digital artists, muralists, directors of devised work, composers, etc. These practitioners will collaborate with us from inception, working along side our ensemble members to envision and then create the project, and also to engage community in a combination of our Cornerstone practice and new strategies that come out of our collaboration.

Click here to learn more about our first production Change: The Watts Residency.