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Why Give

Since 1986, with your support, 

our ensemble (currently 18 members — 77 members over our 35 years!) has been working, learning and growing alongside hundreds of people —

staff, guest artists, production crew, interns and fellows, Institute students, 

countless partner organizations, advisors, story sharers, and participants in many, many communities.

Together, we have…

created over 125 community-collaborative productions, 4 festivals, and 3 films,

commissioned over 135 playwrights, and inspired dozens of new community-engaged theater companies and projects.

Your Impact

Thanks to you, this year we celebrate 35 years of collaboration, connection and community with a renewed and revitalized sense of mission, vision and purpose. 

For 35 years, we have made a commitment to take time in our creation of work to put people at the center of the process. Time to listen and learn. Time to cultivate mutuality and curiosity. We move at the speed of trust and understanding. Relationships take time, so that’s what we give them. Our work is not always efficient, but it builds with purpose, creating its own transformations and developing deep connections.

Cornerstone is a community. We are all connected. You are our collaborators. Your support and participation make this work possible.

From all of us at Cornerstone, we are deeply grateful, and look forward to continuing to imagine and create a more compassionate, just and equitable world together!

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