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Welcome to the Cornerstone podcast: Cornerstone On Air, where you can experience the company’s work and catch a glimpse at the conversations driving it forward. Over the past 35 years we’ve striven to reflect complexity, disrupt assumptions, welcome difference, and amplify joy through plays, readings, interviews, and informal conversations with communities. In this series, you’ll hear about how Cornerstone, guest, and community artists have collaborated to translate the stories of their community to the stage.

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Host: Bruce Lemon, Jr.

Audio Engineer: John Nobori

Admin Support: Michael Garcia

Episode One

Venice Storytellers: When the Fences Were Only Three Feet

In our first episode of Cornerstone On Air, you’ll meet our host, Bruce Lemon Jr., who will introduce you to this series and hand it off to founding ensemble member Peter Howard to introduce the Venice Storytellers project. This collaboration brought Venice community members together with teams of Cornerstone artists in conversation about their neighborhood. Over two Saturdays in October and November of 2021 we shared stories and perspectives, to transform them into three brand-new short plays, that were performed outside at Oakwood Park.

The play featured in this episode is When The Fences Were Only Three Feet, and was written by Fran de Leon. 

It features Mick Buchanan, Herman Duncan, Michael John Garcés, Lindsey Haley, John Mooney, Daniel Penilla, and Dov Rudnick. The reading was directed by Michael Garcia.

Episode Two

Venice Storytellers: Shhh

In our second episode of Cornerstone On Air, Bruce hands off the mic to Bahni Turpin to introduce the play, an ensemble member who you’ll hear more from after the reading. Stick around for their reflections after the play, as well as those of community champ Carmen Navarro, and Shá Cage, our SDCF Lloyd Richards New Futures Fellow.

The play shared in this episode is Shhh, and was written by Shá Cage.

It features Monique Afenjar, Doris Baizley, Gregory Cruz, M.C. Earl, Maggie Franckhauser, Bridget Graham, Carmelita Navarro, Kenny Ramos, Peggy Taylor, and Nancy Wilding. The reading was directed by Page Leong.