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Magic Fruit: Meet the Magic Makers- Music Director

Meet the “Magic Makers” behind the creation of Cornerstone’s upcoming production of “Magic Fruit”. We are thrilled to bring together this award-winning creative team to envision, design and produce the futuristic alternate reality that is “Magic Fruit”. This article is part of a series giving you a glimpse in to who these Magic Makers are. We asked each of the nine members from our Creative Team the same four questions. In the next several weeks, we will share those responses with you. 

Meet the Music Director Susan Patton

What are 3 words that describe you?

“Quirky, Compassionate, Easygoing”

“recent descriptions from cast members, production team, friends, and family also include klutzy, dorky, analytical, silly, sparkly energy, brilliant, musical, fearless leader…”

What is your connection to Cornerstone?

“Juliette Carrillo, playwright for 2016’s Ghost Town, found me last summer through an online classified ad service. I was hungry for a way to use my music skills, and the production needed a pianist.”

Why Magic Fruit?

“Magical things occur in the world of  Magic Fruit, yet the characters are very real and struggle with hungers that are widespread in our lives, communities, and world today.”

What do you hope the audience takes away from their experience? 

“Taking personal accountability for the every day choices we make and actions we take. Our choices and actions create our lives, our communities, and our world. You don’t like your life? Then you make a choice and take action to change it, to create the life you want. It can be a difficult path; the journey is worth it.”

Suzanne Patton started in music at age 5 when playing piano became a healthy replacement for temper tantrums. She fell in love with theater in elementary school productions in Papua New Guinea. Suzanne loves that her choices have led to having so many wonderful people in her life – people of various ethnic backgrounds, assorted countries of birth and citizenship, various first languages, diverse spiritual beliefs, and unique outlooks on life. She firmly believes that our lives and our communities improve when each of us pursues an artistic outlet.

Experience Magic Fruit starting November 18, purchase your tickets today!  

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