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Magic Fruit










Cornerstone Theater Company presents Magic Fruit, as the Hunger Bridge Show

November 16, 2017 – December 3, 2017

Join us for a concert reading of Magic Fruit at Grand Performances Sunday, July 9 at 7:00pm CLICK HERE to download flyer with details.

Written by Michael John Garcés

Based on Die Zauberflöte by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Emanuel Schikaneder

Directed by Shishir Kurup


Scenic Designer Nephelie Andonyadis

Lighting Designer Geoff Korf

Costume Designer Meghan E. Healey

Sound Designer John Nobori

Puppet Designer Lynn Jeffries

Production Stage Manager Nikki Hyde


In Magic Fruit, Tami, an ex-gang member, sets out on a journey through an apocalyptic Los Angeles where the heat is rising, but not as fast as property values. In spite of the many challenges she faces, including her own hunger, addiction, financial insecurity and a system she doesn’t really understand, she finds unexpected allies in strange places, as she aims to reunite her family, find a home, and maybe, just maybe, save the world.

A completely made-up alternative reality of displacement and methane leaks, an implausible, extremely far-flung future of mega droughts and flaming hot Cheetos that could never, ever happen, not in a million years, because that would be insane. And we’re not insane, are we?



November 16, 2017 – December 3, 2017

At Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles

1238 W 1st Street

Los Angeles, CA  90026


Tickets on sale soon at

Tickets are Pay-What-You-Can, suggested donation $20