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Magic Fruit: Meet the Magic Makers- The Production Stage Manager

Meet the “Magic Makers” behind the creation of Cornerstone’s upcoming production of “Magic Fruit”. We are thrilled to bring together this award-winning creative team to envision, design and produce the futuristic alternate reality that is “Magic Fruit”. This article is part of a series giving you a glimpse in to who these Magic Makers are. We asked each of the nine members from our Creative Team the same four questions. In the next several weeks, we will share those responses with you. 

Meet the Production Stage Manager: Nikki Hyde

What are 3 words that describe you.

“committed, focused, inspired”

“These words came from Jani Davis, an Institute student, community member and Cornerstone friend from Salinas.”

What is your connection to Cornerstone?

“I have been connected to Cornerstone since I was a Los Angeles County Arts Commission intern in 2005. I started stage managing for the company in 2008, and joined the Ensemble in 2010. I have worked on 18 Cornerstone productions all over the city and state.”

Why Magic Fruit?

“The Hunger Cycle is my first Cornerstone cycle that I have been a part of from the beginning. I am thrilled to help bring all of our Hunger communities back together and close out the cycle with this wonderful play.”

What do you hope the audience takes away from their experience? 

“I hope our audiences see themselves in the story and the actors, and feel more connected to our beautifully complicated city than they did before they walked into the theater. I hope they are inspired to tell their own story and make art that empowers them and their community.”

Experience Magic Fruit starting November 18, purchase your tickets today!  

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