Cornerstone Theater Company

Change Series Plays

Motivated by the redevelopment process of the Rancho San Pedro housing, Cornerstone Theater is interested in working with resident families there and across San Pedro to explore changes in the neighborhood. What’s the history of the people of San Pedro, beyond the information that is written down? What are the stories of the people who live there and what are their dreams for the future of the community.

Cornerstone is in the early stages of this project. We’ve been considering the unique community of San Pedro for many years, so when we learned of the redevelopment of Rancho San Pedro it seemed a good way to focus a collaborative theater project and maybe provide a helpful process for residents to reflect on their community.

What should a play about San Pedro include? 

What makes San Pedro a special place to live? 

What are the intersections of San Pedro’s past, present and future?

We hope to include as much of the community as possible. All ages & languages, no theater experience is necessary.  Leave us a message at or 800-578-1335 and we’ll get back to you soon!

Project Timeline

Cornerstone will be doing the first phase of this project from April – September, 2021. There will be a staged reading of a short play by community members at the end of September. This will lead to the second phase, a full production, to be developed, rehearsed and performed in Spring 2022.