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Magic Fruit: Meet the Magic Makers: The Video Designer

Meet the “Magic Makers” behind the creation of Cornerstone’s upcoming production of “Magic Fruit”. We are thrilled to bring together this award-winning creative team to envision, design and create the futuristic alternate reality that is “Magic Fruit”. This article is part of a series giving you a glimpse in to who these Magic Makers are.  

Meet the Video Designer: Sean Cawelti

What are 3 words that describe you?

“Imaginative, manipulator, storyteller”

What is your connection to Cornerstone?

“I have been working with Cornerstone since my first production many years ago called, Body of Faith where I got to assist the incredible Lynn Jeffries with #teampuppet. From that first experience I was struck with the approach, pathos and care in which Cornerstone Theater Company created their work from and with the community. I have since worked on over a dozen Cornerstone shows doing video, prop and puppet design work.”

Why Magic Fruit?

“’Magic Fruit’ is a tall fantastical tale that captures the themes and energies from the Hunger Cycle of work creating an entirely new story riffing on the opera, ‘The Magic Flute’. It’s a pastoral piece with incredible heart and a wicked humor that is sure to be an unforgettable viewing experience.”

What do you hope the audience takes away from their experience? 

“I hope audiences will reflect on the themes being explored in the piece and also feel moved by the wonderful creativity of the artists that have worked hard to realize the production.”

Sean Cawelti is an award-winning theater opera director and puppet, media and mask designer based in Los Angeles. Sean graduated from the University of California Irvine with his BA in Drama with honors in Directing. He has been a puppeteer since he was four, after convincing his parents to buy him his first puppet at a swap meet while growing up in Orange County. Sean studied puppetry at Tisch School of the Arts at NYU and is a member of the Puppeteers of America and LA Guild of Puppetry. Sean worked for many years as an Art Director at the California Science Center in Los Angeles. In 2012, Sean left his day job and became a freelance artist full time dividing his time between being the Artistic Director for Rogue Artists Ensemble and working as a Director and Puppet, Mask and Video Designer. CLICK HERE to read more about Sean. 


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