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Magic Fruit: Meet the Magic Makers-The Composer

Meet the “Magic Makers” behind the creation of Cornerstone’s upcoming production of “Magic Fruit”. We are thrilled to bring together this award-winning creative team to envision, design and create the futuristic alternate reality that is “Magic Fruit”. This article is part of a series giving you a glimpse in to who these Magic Makers are. Be sure to experience the Magic before its too late! CLICK HERE for more info on “Magic Fruit”.

Meet the Composer: Randall Robert Tico

What are 3 words that describe you.

“open, resourceful and thankful”

What is your connection to Cornerstone?

“My long time friend and collaborator, director, Nancy Keystone suggested me as composer for Magic Fruit.”

Why Magic Fruit?

“When I looked into the history of Cornerstone and the lineage of Magic Fruit I knew that the play would be something I could really ‘get into’.”

What do you hope the audience takes away from their experience?

“I hope that people are moved in a profound way and are inspired to be even more appreciative of their brief sojourns on Earth.”


Randall is a composer/sound designer and founding member of Critical Mass Performance Group. Magic Fruit is his first experience with Cornerstone, but is already looking forward to his next.


Experience “Magic Fruit” starting November 18, purchase your tickets today!  

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