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Cornerstone is on the move…

Dear Friends,

We are writing to share some big news with you, our friends and loved ones, Cornerstoners both near and far. After almost 20 years of calling The Downtown Los Angeles Arts District our home we have made the decision to let our space go. It is a decision that we as a company have been contemplating for the past few years, as the landscape of the neighborhood has been changing dramatically. A recent significant increase in rent made this decision easier.  We feel this is an exciting opportunity for the company to rethink how we do our work, but we also recognize that changes like this one don’t come without growing pains.

We have been doing some deep thinking about our mission and about, well, change, over the long term. Our work has always been focused on community- and site-specific art-making, and we were some of the earliest “creative place-makers” – long before that phrase became trendy. Embracing our nomadic history, and thinking forward to a more flexible and nimble future, this feels like the right moment for us to focus on what’s most important. It is our far-flung Cornerstone community, the people across the city, state and country, who are at the heart of our mission and our work.  While there is, of course, some natural sense of loss at leaving this building where we’ve done so much good work, there is even more to be gained by this opportunity to sharpen our focus on who we are, what we do, and why – and to put all our resources in the service of that. To think about how to be the best Cornerstone we can be in the present moment.

We have identified solutions to accommodate the day-to-day activities of Cornerstone as we explore this next phase as a company. We’ve rented a warehouse space for our production equipment and archives, and our staff and ensemble will be working remotely, in shared office spaces throughout Los Angeles and, of course, out in the neighborhoods where we spend time getting to know people and their communities.  Over the coming year, we will be collaborating with communities on-site in NYC, Watts and Arizona.  And we will be carefully considering what and where we want our next physical home to be – what makes sense for a unique organization like ours?  We are galvanized around this question, and very curious as to where our process, and the future, will take us.

We plan to be out of 708 Traction by June 30. There are opportunities to lend a hand with packing and moving as well as the necessity for all of us to work together in shaping the new, more flexible, mission-focused, Cornerstone model.

As always, it is crucial that we continue to create new ways to come together, keep our company culture vibrant and welcoming to community and audience members alike!

Thank you,

Megan and Michael

Our phone number and extension numbers, e-mails, website, and social media handles will remain the same! Our mailing address will change to:

Cornerstone Theater Company
PO Box 412587
Los Angeles, CA 90041

(213) 613-1700

So, please don’t hesistate to reach out!

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