Cornerstone Theater Company

The Highland Park Project

Inspired by significant changes in the culturally rich neighborhood of Highland Park and by the establishment of the Oxy Arts Community Center on York Blvd., we are exploring Who are the people of Highland Park? And What stories need to be shared to understand the identity of and tell a complex story about this northeast Los Angeles neighborhood? 

Cornerstone is in early stages of this project. We are looking to meet people and organizations to tell us their stories of Highland Park, their joys and concerns, and to help us determine what a Highland Park community play should be. We’re also interested to learn what is needed by communities in Highland Park that Cornerstone might be able to help provide beyond exciting and entertaining participatory art and performance. 

Who do we need to connect with to learn about Highland Park? 
Who and what in Highland Park is inspiring to you? What are the legends & mysteries? 
Where are the intersections of Highland Park’s past, present and future? 
Do you want to be involved in a theatrical production with and about Highland Park? 

Project Timeline: 
Research & Getting to Know Highland Park Started July 2019 
Script development                                                    Fall 2019 
Community readings of script draft                            April 2020 
Rehearsals & Performances                                      Fall 2020 

For questions or more information leave a message at 800-578-1335 & we’ll call you back, or send us your thoughts in an email to Info [at]