Cornerstone Theater Company


“Urban Rez” 2016

For over 30 years, Cornerstone Theater Company has commissioned more than 100 award-winning playwrights, produced over 150 new plays for the American Theater, trained thousands of students in our innovative methodology, impacting with tens of thousands of community members across the country, many experiencing theater for the first time.

Past Work

From farmers in Norcatur, Kansas, to postal workers in downtown Los Angeles, we’ve worked with hundreds of communities of shared place, culture, faith, work – and even birthday – across the country. See where we’re been.

Cornerstone Blossoming Seeds

Teatro Jornalero Sin Fronteras

As part of our Justice Cycle we presented Los Illegals, an exploration of day laborers caught in the criminal justice system. Following its premiere, Los Illegals evolved into Teatro Jornaleros Sin Fronteras (Day Laborer Theater Without Borders), an LA-based touring company that engages laborers in dialogue both on and off the stage. You can follow them at

Watts Village Theater (WVTC)

WVTC serves the Watts and South LA population providing arts and arts-education to a population with little or no other access to live theater.  WVTC was founded in 1996 by actor and Watts community activist, Quentin Drew, and actor/playwright, Lynn Manning, as an outgrowth of Cornerstone Theater Company’s residency in Watts. WVTC’s earliest endeavor was to conduct acting and performance workshops for at-risk youth in Watts’ housing projects, culminating in public talent shows.  Eventually WVTC started producing original full-length productions which received critical acclaim for examining cross-cultural relations between Latinos and African-Americans in Watts. WVTC and Cornerstone Theater Company continue to collaborate together on various projects. To find out more visit

Community Partners: Food Forward and Watts Labor Community Action Committee

Following the close of our play fellowship in the Spring of 2017– Food Forward now has a distribution site running out of the Watts Labor Community Action Committee, WLCAC. Food Forward and WLCAC were partners for fellowship, a play for volunteers and the WLCAC was one of the four performance venues. Luis Yepiz, a community actor in the play and Wholesale Recovery Program Manager for Food Forward, shared that this new distribution site came about directly from the connections that he was able to make while being a part of the play. This site is hosting approximately 12 other vendors and is providing food for between 200 to 250 individuals. Luke Ippoliti, the Agency Relations Manager from Food Forward, attended our 30th Anniversary Bridge Awards and shared that this connection was made possible by Cornerstone.