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Artbound: Love on San Pedro

Cornerstone has partnered with KCET’s Artbound to bring you exclusive coverage of our fourth Hunger Cycle play, Love on San Pedro, a collaboration with the Skid Row Community.¬†Artbound is a transmedia project dedicated to producing an online destination about the arts and culture of Southern and Central California with columns written by over 50 experienced artistic advisors, cultural critics, curators, and definitive taste makers of the arts. Check out the articles below!


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Homelessness and poverty are the norm, but a spirit of creativity, activism, and determination thrives in L.A.’s Skid Row.

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Love On San Pedro is a play inspired by the stories of Skid Row residents. Some of the actors participating in the community production share stories of joy, and hardship.

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Meet four active individuals who are working towards positive change in the neighborhood.


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The playwright behind Love on San Pedro explains the inspiration and process behind penning the community collaborative play.


Cardboard Ecology

The symbolic and physical properties of cardboard play a significant role in the set design of Love on San Pedro.


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A photo essay captures a day in the life of Love on San Pedro actor Olusheyi Banjo, allowing audience members a glimpse into a community rendered invisible and largely ignored by much of the broader culture of L.A.