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2018 Institute: Meet the Players: Jack Jackson

This summer we traveled to the other side of the country to make a new play called, The Cardinal with and about the people of Queens New York, the most ethnically diverse urban area in the world. The production is part of Cornerstone’s Institute Summer Residency, which has brought together thirteen participants (“the players”) from across the United States and Canada to live, learn, and create together. In one month’s time, and working alongside Cornerstone staff, Ensemble and community members, these creative souls are learning Cornerstone’s process for creating community-engaged theater. By participating in classes, workshops, and taking part in every aspect of the play-making process from casting, auditions, rehearsals, costume/design build, and acting. This blog series is an opportunity for you to “Meet the Players”!



















Jack Jackson AKA Band

A little bit about Jack.

Hi, I’m Jack! I’m a senior theatre major at Reed College in Portland Oregon. I’ve dabbled in every aspect of theatre making, but have the most experience as a deviser and dramaturg. When I’m not studying, I spend my time reading or playing D&D.”

What inspired you to join Cornerstone’s Institute Summer Residency this year?

“I joined the Institute mostly because it was something that’s both in line with my interests as a theatermaker and very, very far from my comfort zone. I’ve never even been to Queens before, nor have I ever been involved in a piece of community-based art like this, but I really wanted to explore what that art could mean to me and to people I want to work with.”

What has been your favorite moment thus far?

“Far and away, my favorite moment has been auditions. Either sitting in the room or helping people outside, the energy and excitement that I felt really buoyed me and made me feel like anything could happen next.”

What do you hope to learn from your experience this summer?

“Primarily, I hope to see new ways to make art. I’ve had a very deep but very narrow experience of theater making to this point, and seeing new techniques of directing, new ways to communicate between actors and a playwright, even new warmups have all made me feel like I’m growing a lot every day.”

Complete this sentence. Queens is….

“Like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. I’m someone who’s grown up in some of the most homogeneous places in the USA, so being somewhere with this much diversity and the vibrant, living place that diversity engenders is a new world. I can honestly say I’ve fallen in love with the borough.”

Why do you think people should come and see the play?

“Because it’s fun! That’s the best reason to do anything, I think, and this play has fun in spades.”


The Cardinal performs August 10 & 11th. CLICK HERE to purchase tickets today!

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