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California: The Tempest – Grayson and Westley



California: The Tempest

Grayson and Westley, Stanislaus County


Rehearsals for Boda de Luna Nueva: New Moon Wedding, 2005.

Driving from Los Angeles to San Francisco, the last services exit on I-5 before the westbound 580 turn-off is named for the town of Westley.  Ingram Creek Restaurant on the west side of the interstate is a respite for those who like to sit down to eat.  Westley & Grayson are real towns, 4 and 5 miles east of the truckstop. In Westley you’ll find Grayson Charter School (K-6) and seasonal housing for farm workers, The Westley Hotel restaurant (which has great Yelp reviews) and about 600 residents. Grayson has the United Community Center & Park and the One-Stop- gas station/mini-mart and about 950 residents. Lots of wide-open skies here and the San Joaquin River is close-by. Students go to middle & high school 8 miles south in Patterson and retail needs are mostly met 14 miles NE  in Modesto. Local crops are tomatoes, apricots and almonds. In this area many pronounce this last word without its L.

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Alison writes while kids explain

May 2013 story circle, photo by Jenny Graham

Performances: October 2, 3 & 4, 2014,
Outside at the United Community Center & Park in Grayson.
8900 Laird Street, Grayson, CA 95363.
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7:00pm Curtain. Plenty of street parking.
Tickets are Pay-What-You-Can (Suggested donation $10)
Call to reserve your seats: 1-800-578-1335


Community Partners and Advisors include:
United Community Center of Westley, Grayson & Vernalis
Grayson Assembly of God Church

Francisco Martinez, a Patterson High School 2014 graduate, is in the touring cast of California: The Tempest.

tomato escape

Boda de Luna Nueva: New Moon Wedding, 2005.

Cornerstone collaborated with the communities of Westley, Grayson and Vernallis in 2005 to produce an adaptation of Blood Wedding, a classic play by Federico Garcia Lorca. Our show was called Boda de Luna Nueva: New Moon Wedding. The script was adapted by Peter Howard, directed by Mark Valdez and included original songs by Quetzal Flores. Cornerstone was honored that this production was the first major event to be hosted by the brand new United Community Center. The cast of 48 included 35 local residents and many others worked on the crew and to help build interest and excitement about the play. Cornerstone lived at Grayson School in Westley for four weeks that summer with the gracious support of school district staff and administration. We set up private outdoor showers and classrooms were our shared dorm rooms. We were worried about disturbing the neighbors on Mary Street as Boda de Luna Nueva rehearsed outdoors nearby. But many of those neighbors watched rehearsals from the audience bleachers and found the whole experience enriching and entertaining. One family told us they laughed and cried at the sad parts every time and learned all the songs, and they’d miss us when we were gone. We hope to be a welcome presence to the Grayson neighbors again in September & October 2014.


Illustration by Nephelie Andonyadis / Design by Ray Tejada, 2014


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