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California: The Tempest – Eureka


California: The Tempest

Eureka, Humboldt County

GALLERY_Eureka275Located on California’s northern coastline, 105 miles south of the Oregon border, Eureka is a city of about 27,000. It has a feeling of geographic isolation because there is really just one road- Hwy 101- that can take you there. The city is bordered on the west by Humboldt Bay and on the east by mountains and redwood forests. The area is known for forest, sea and river recreation, Victorian architecture, its arts community and Humboldt State University nearby. The Wiyot people were the original residents of the area and there is a dark history with how they were treated by the European settlers. The Wiyot work to rebuild their culture here. While people tend to move around between the towns of Humboldt, Eureka has a unique place as the county seat as the place where services are provided with the most affordable housing. As mining & logging industries declined, the town works to establish a new economic identity and craft is an important element of that: woodwork, engineering, agricultural ventures, visual and performing arts all play a part.

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Jason in Eureka, 2009.

Performs May 21, 22 & 23, 2015,
outdoors at Blue Ox Millworks, Historic Park & School of Traditional Arts.
1 X Street, Eureka, CA 95501 (View Map)
Parking on 1st St., 2nd St., W, X or Y Streets.

7:00pm Curtain.

Tickets are Pay-What-You-Can (Suggested donation $10). Call 1-800-578-1335 to reserve your seats.

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Rehearsals for Jason in Eureka, 2009.

NOTE: Bring non-perishable items for community food drive! Click here to learn more about the types of goods Food for People will be collecting.

Community Partners:

Blue Ox Millworks, Historic Park & School of Traditional Arts
Ink People Center for the Arts
Food for People
Jefferson Community Center

Iris Gonzalez of Eureka was in Cornerstone’s 2009 production Jason in Eureka, and is also in the touring cast of California: The Tempest.

For Cornerstone’s 6th Institute Summer Residency in 2009, Peter Howard was moved by the recurring themes of people coming to Eureka and Humboldt County looking for something particular and staying because they discovered unexpected treasures. He adapted a classic myth to create Jason In Eureka – an epic adventure in search of golden fleece and other local treasures. This play was performed literally IN the Blue Ox Mill and mill yard. Our hosts, The Hollenbecks, see The Blue Ox as a valuable space for community use and Cornerstone’s play fit right in. Sanctuary Stage and Ink People Center for the Arts were also great community partner organizations. Jason in Eureka’s cast of 54 included 43 local residents. Many community members supported backstage, too. About 475 people attended the performances.


Rehearsals for Jason in Eureka, 2009.



Illustration by Nephelie Andonyadis / Design by Ray Tejada


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