Cornerstone Theater Company

Innovative Partnerships

We work closely with our partners to design extended or short-term programs that are carefully tailored to meet client and organizational needs, while basing our recommendations in well-researched frameworks and proven methodologies for managing effective change.

Story Circle and Market Research

We offer companies a deeper look into the issues faced by the client communities they wish to serve. By taking our specialized story gathering process to different communities and using grassroots strategies for tapping into a customer base, we are able to unearth raw data about a company’s customers, market, or employees for marketing and outreach purposes.


This model gives our partner the opportunity to delve into a longer-term, high impact, community engagement program that will reach their clients on a nation-wide scale through collaborative theater making. We offer audiences of your client community an artistic work that speaks directly to their experiences, provides new perspectives, and motivates them to take action around issues.

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Internal Communications

Changes in today’s operating environment require new thinking. How do we learn to experiment better? For over five years we have toured a workshop model that uses our unique methodology to support innovative thinking and prompt communities and individuals toward effective change. Our Internal Communications workshop strives to build a culture of innovation across your company. You will be introduced to alternative pathways of thinking and acting, and be driven to develop and implement new strategies that forward your company’s mission.

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Performance with Workshop

Offering our partners an opportunity to both reach clients on a broad scale and impact them deeply is a model that pairs our performance program with our interactive workshops. Workshops consist of customizable spoken, written and art-based activities that expand thinking while also building community and giving participants the tools and resources to drive social change in their own communities. Video coming soon

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This model gives a company the chance to reach community through a festival event. This service includes deep community engagement and a festival event that can consist of workshops, live performances, civic dialogs, musicians, food, and a multitude of ways your company can showcase its corporate citizenship. This model can also be used as a Touring Event Model, taking the program one step further by traveling to multiple cities or communities to reach a geographically spread out client base. Video coming soon

Internal Training

Our methodology is a strong framework within which new learnings can be explored and prototyped. This process begins when your company identifies a particular skill or training from which staff would benefit. Using our Internal Communications Model as a foundation, Cornerstone incorporates the necessary training into the our curriculum. Unlike traditional workplace trainings this program is interactive, peer-based, high-impact, and customizable.

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Often a corporation needs to train their vendors, co-companies, or client base. Through hands-on, interactive sessions our highly skilled facilitators foster learning in the following ways: supplier diversity initiatives, educating patients and healthcare providers on conditions and treatments, corporate ethics, relaying to a client base how to access a corporation’s programs and services, and more.

Youth Programming Workshops

Our Education Programs have been approved by the LAUSD Arts Education Branch and our study guide materials meet the California State Content Standards in Theater and Visual Arts for secondary school students. Cornerstone’s remarkable work with youth has reached students and educators all over Los Angeles.

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We offer the option for a short video to be included as part of any of the above services.We create promotional and documentary style videos that showcase the development of a program, and narrative pieces that enhance a program’s reach. As with our methodology, our videos use professional actors and community members.

We offer customizable programs and invite you to contact us to discuss options for your company or to learn more about our programs and services.