Cornerstone Theater Company

Institute Summer Residency

This program is currently on hiatus.

If you are interested in bringing a Cornerstone Institute Summer Residency to your community, contact us at or 213-613-1700.

Check back for updates and more details.

See PAST PROJECTS tab to get a sense of the variety of communities who have hosted previous Institute Summer Residencies.

Seeing and hearing the commitment and the love that each of you brought to the production was humbling. Then, sitting in that audience during the show and feeling you hold us all in your collective grasp was SO powerful. We were yours: wholly and completely. Many people got choked up ~ you broke through the shells that we all have around us and you reached in to our core… ┬áIt all came together: the incredible script; the strong actors; the sincerity of the novices; the highly creative costumes, the set and special effects; the magical lights; the dramatic music; the glorious singing, the powerful dancing ~ it all came together and we were transformed. – community partner/partner organization, 2009