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Meet Cornerstone’s Summer Intern: Araceli Castillo

One of my security blankets is a poem by Ruben Dario, A Margarita Debayle. By age three, I could recite how the princess stole a star because it was shiny and how after much fuss it was finally confirmed that it belonged to her. I loved the story because the princess got to keep her treasure. However, I would soon be able to relate all too well with the bold princess. I was a clumsy kid, suffering from my dangerous adventures like walking. Yet, I decided that I wanted to learn to dance Mexican folk because the skirts were beautiful. This is how I learned that Mr. Dario had left the most difficult part out of his poem — the extraction of the star. I would struggle through a frustrating class, ready to quit, but then the advanced level began rehearse and the pretty skirts would motivate me to continue.It only took me seventeen years to clip my star from the sky. I’m still a blundering pedestrian—the grief of all cyclists—but as soon as I wear a skirt, I am all-powerful.

"Those pretty skirts captivated me so."

“Those pretty skirts captivated me so.”

During one summer job, I discovered there were many rewards in bringing the arts to children: a hyperactive child became remarkably attentive and patient as he carved a netsuke out of soap; a hostile pre-teen shared a laugh over the powers of her Indian superhero; a Russian tourist overcame the language barrier by creating a collage that explained her trip.

I found that I wanted to continue to experience these wonders—not just with children, either. From experience, I knew I needed preparation to extract my star. This is why I am here.

Cornerstone has taken me under its wing to learn how to serve my community. Most of my work deals with the California Bridge Tour, a new production scheduled to stop at all ten of the communities the Institute Summer Residency has visited. I am prospecting sources of funding and useful contacts, such as press, Institute alumni, and community members.

Araceli Working

“Just another day hard at work preparing for the California Bridge Tour.”

I’m also completing other tasks, such as drafting press releases, helping complete grant applications, and filling in where needed. The Cornerstone staff and ensemble have gone out of their way to teach me something new and include me in their work.

Here there are plenty of opportunities to learn how to clip this new star. It’ll be lots of hard work, but in the end, that’s what will make me deserve it—just like the princess’s own efforts confirmed her ownership.


Written by Araceli Castillo, Cornerstone’s Development & Communications Intern. Araceli is studying Marketing and OPIM (Operations and Information Management) with a French minor at Georgetown University. This internship is made possible by Los Angeles County Arts Commission Summer Internship program. Araceli created the cartoons above with the Bistrips app on Facebook.