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2018 Institute: Meet the Players: Claire Kostova

This summer we traveled to the other side of the country to make a new play called, The Cardinal with and about the people of Queens New York, the most ethnically diverse urban area in the world. The production is part of Cornerstone’s Institute Summer Residency, which has brought together thirteen participants (“the players”) from across the United States and Canada to live, learn, and create together. In one month’s time, and working alongside Cornerstone staff, Ensemble and community members, these creative souls are learning Cornerstone’s process for creating community-engaged theater. By participating in classes, workshops, and taking part in every aspect of the play-making process from casting, auditions, rehearsals, costume/design build, and acting. This blog series is an opportunity for you to “Meet the Players”!

Claire Kostova AKA Lighting Associate

A little bit about Claire

Claire is currently majoring in Drama and Theatre at Queens College. Her area of concentration are Acting, and Lighting Design and has experience with various theatre-related positions. She looks forward to meeting and working with everyone at Cornerstone Theater!

What inspired you to join Cornerstone’s Institute Summer Residency this year?

“I did not know about Cornerstone Theater until Meghan Healey, the chair of the Department of Drama, Theatre, and Dance at Queens College announced that the college would be hosting this year’s Summer Residency. After a few clicks on Google, I realized that the Residency was actually a perfect match for one of my goals – to bring people together through a creative outlet that allows them to use their voice.”

What has been your favorite moment thus far?

“My first story circle at Flushing Town Hall. The building itself was heavy in history, but the relevance of the conversations added a touch of comfort to the already warm gallery. I must say that this comfort was in part due to the graceful manner with which Peter Howard, one of the founding members of Cornerstone, engaged with the community.”

What do you hope to learn from your experience this summer?

“The members of Cornerstone Theater are such generous people. As I write this, we are only half way through the Residency yet I feel overwhelmed by the generosity of the members/artists/founders of Cornerstone Theater.”

Complete this sentence. Queens is….

“…starting to feel like home.”

Why do you think people should come and see the play?

“Queens is the heart of diversity in New York and Cusi Cram’s The Cardinal celebrates that diversity!”

The Cardinal performs August 10 & 11th. CLICK HERE to purchase tickets today!

Observing… as always.

Day 1, some strangers gather for a picture. From that point on they were known as the Institute Participants (The Players). We tried making sad faces for Jack who would not join us til the next day, emphasis on “tried.”

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