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Lunch Lady Courage: Playwright Peter Howard

Join us for Lunch Lady Courage. Written by Peter Howard. Directed by Chris Anthony. March 28 РApril 13, 2013.  Cocoanut Grove Theater РLos Angeles High School of the Arts (LAHSA). Tix available online Р

Cornerstone Community Voices: Sigrid Gilmer

What’s it like to be an artist at Cornerstone? Meet Sigrid Gilmer, Cornerstone Ensemble member, and hear why writing for us makes her want to cook kale.

What is the Institute Summer Residency?

Spend your summer with Cornerstone Theater Company (sunscreen not included). Apply to join us in East Salinas, CA. July 11 – August 11.

Cornerstone Community Voices: Renee Gunter

In our new video series Community Voices, meet the passionate and brilliant community members that inspire and fuel our work. First up is Renee Gunter – guerilla gardener, South LA advocate, and community actor in our most recent Hunger Cycle play SEED: A Weird Act of Faith. Her Cornerstone experience inspired her to start a new project in South LA, to bring fresh produce right to her community.

SEED: A Weird Act of Faith

Experience the second play in Cornerstone Theater Company’s Hunger Cycle, SEED: A Weird Act of Faith, a fantastical tale that travels between an urban farm, a rural haven, and the contested space of agribusiness. Inspired by the community of South Los Angeles and those fighting for sustainable and healthful food choices, SEED follows a neighborhood struggling to grow greens amid concrete.