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Magic Fruit: Meet the Magic Makers-The Writer

Meet the “Magic Makers” behind the creation of Cornerstone’s upcoming production of “Magic Fruit”. We are thrilled to bring together this award-winning creative team to envision, design and produce the futuristic alternate reality that is “Magic Fruit”. This article is part of a series giving you a glimpse in to who these Magic Makers are. We asked each of the nine members from our Creative Team the same four questions. In the next several weeks, we will share those responses with you. 

Meet the Writer: Michael John Garcés

What are 3 words that describe you?

“Hm…I think you’ll have to go to outside sources for that.”

So we did just that by asking Cornerstone’s staff for 3 words that they would use to describe Michael, and here some of their responses:

“Impassioned. Brilliant. Surprising. Voracious reader. Egalitarian. Forward-Thinking. Imaginative. Fidgety.”

What is your connection to Cornerstone?

“In the Hunger Cycle I’ve directed three shows, Café Vida, California: The Tempest and Urban Rez.”

Why Magic Fruit?

“I was excited to adapt The Magic Flute because it’s epic, beautiful, silly and, well, magical.  I wanted to take on the serious topics of the Hunger Cycle in a way that allowed for some joy in the face of what can feel overwhelmingly grim.”

What do you hope the audience takes away from their experience?

“A sense of beauty and possibility in spite of the difficulties of our lives and fears for the future.”

Michael John Garcés…has been in the ensemble – and Artistic Director – since 2006. Other plays he has written for Cornerstone include Los Illegals, Consequence and The Forked Path.  CLICK HERE to learn more about Michael.

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