Cornerstone Theater Company



Thank you for joining us for “fellowship,” a play for volunteers. We are so grateful to all of you who came out to volunteer and experience “fellowship” with us. Integral in our play-making process are our community partners, and we are so thankful to Hunger Action Los Angeles-HALA, MEND Poverty, Project Angel Food, Westside Food Bank, Food Forward, Watts Labor Community Action Committee: Home For Good The L.A. Kitchen, Community Services Unlimited inc. and their volunteers for helping to make fellowship by sharing their stories, hosting Cornerstone at various volunteer activities and teaching us about the landscape of fighting hunger in Los Angeles.


Five souls find fellowship in giving their time to a weekly volunteer shift, making sandwiches for a local food bank. They work hard, sing, laugh, and share stories of what brought them to this service. This weekly time together is their church and sanctuary until the day a stranger enters. What happens when Hunger comes to visit?

fellowship, the eighth play in Cornerstone’s Hunger Cycle, is an immersive experience that puts you in the role of volunteer. At fellowship, you will be invited to help prepare and assemble sack lunches to be distributed to hungry people in Los Angeles. Join us at fellowship, and let’s get to work!

CLICK HERE to learn more about Creative Seeds Events & Activities for fellowship, including 30 Days of Service

fellowship Artwork by Kristy Sandoval, 2017 / Postcard Design by Raymond Tejada, 2017