Cornerstone Theater Company

Jordan Downs Urban Art & Community Festival

The Jordan Downs Urban Art & Community Festival

(First production in the Change Series)

May 17-26, 2019

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Award-winning, multi-disciplinary artist Nancy Keystone, and Cornerstone Theater Company, are creating a one-of-a kind immersive experience: part theatrical performance, part installation and part participatory activities with and about the community of Jordan Downs. The Jordan Downs Urban Art & Community Festival premieres this May.

Why Jordan Downs?

The Jordan Downs Housing Project is a 700-unit public housing apartment complex in Watts, owned and managed by the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles. Originally built as temporary worker housing during WWII, the complex is currently undergoing a complete redevelopment, transforming into a modern urban village, the first of its kind in Los Angeles. The village will be comprised of double the number of housing units, restaurants, retail stores and parks. The residents, some of whom are original families of the housing project, are in the process of dramatic change as they relocate to brand new units within the development, or to other parts of the city, or out of Los Angeles, altogether. This new development was a decade in the planning, and the construction will continue for the next several years.

The Jordan Downs Urban Art and Community Festival is being created to celebrate and commemorate the life of the community as it exists now, as well as in the past, and with vision and hopes toward the future, marking a moment of change and transition for a deeply connected community.