Cornerstone Theater Company

California: The Tempest


This exclusive HowlRound blog series follows Cornerstone Theater Company’s California Bridge Tour, the culmination of our work with ten communities over the past ten years through our Institute Summer Residency Program. Cornerstone’s touring production California: The Tempest celebrates and unites these ten communities onstage, in the audiences, and in the content and themes of the play’s script and design. This series uses the communities as jumping off points to share thinking and experiences specific to the project, as well as Cornerstone’s longtime practice of creating community-based theater. Click here to read the blogs.

Follow our California Bridge Tour Blog on Tumblr to get the inside scoop on California: The Tempest. The Community Cast/Crew Column is authored by Brent Grihalva, a touring core community cast member! Click here to read the blogs.
Check out Cornerstone’s Hunger Cycle Blog for insightful content about California: The Tempest and meet some of the artists and community members involved with the California Bridge Tour. Click here to read the blogs.