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12 Fun Moments From The California Bridge Tour

Here are some fun photos from our time on the road with the California Bridge Tour!


1. Shakespeare in the sea! (Well, Lake Isabella to be exact)


Click here to see the video.


2. Epic hikes in the California mountains.

Mountain Dance Party



3. Taking selfies with the cast & crew.

Gabriel Selfie



4.  Finding Lost Hills.

Finding Lost Hills



5.  Enjoying the park in Lost Hills.



6.  Morning workouts.

Cesar morning workout



7.  The gun show.

contest2 contest



8.  Shucking fresh garbonzo beans.



9.  Spending time at Pismo State Beach.

Pismo State Beach



10.  Horseback riding.

LH Horseback 2



11.  Dancing with the local residents.

LH Dance



12.  Cosmic bowling.