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Introducing our 15th Annual Bridge Award Honorees: Jataun Valentine

We are thrilled to honor three exceptional women at this year’s Bridge Awards on May 17. They come from different fields, but one thing they all have in common is a dedication to the betterment of the communities they live, work and serve in. This article is part of a 3-part series, giving you a glimpse in to who these exceptional women are.

Named a “Venice Gem” by The Argonaut, and a recipient of the LA City Attorney’s “L.A. Pearls Senior Citizen of the Year Awards,” Jataun Valentine is truly an extraordinaire woman, whose dedication to her community is paramount.

Her family has been in Venice since the turn of the century, and is very much a part of its rich cultural history. She is actively involved in the community both in Venice and Los Angeles. Jataun is vice-president of the Board of Directors at Venice Community Housing, volunteers regularly at Venice Community Housing Clinic, Oakwood Recreation Center (including playing the Easter Bunny for their annual senior Easter party), the Venice Historical Society, the Braille Outreach Program in LA, People Organized for Westside Renewal (POWER) to name just a few. “Jataun works tirelessly to empower disenfranchised people, especially the elderly, to take control of their lives and remain active in the community,” says Steve Clare, founder, Venice Community Housing Corporation.

For Cornerstone, Jataun was a community advisor and connector in Venice for our Institute Summer Residency in 2016, and its culminating production of “Ghost Town”. Stories of Jataun and her family’s history played a large role in the making of the play. She was proud when her great niece was cast in the role of “young Jataun” for the production. Read more here.

“Jataun is a role model to people, old and young” Betsy Goldman, The Argonaut. Read more about Jataun and her family on the links below:

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Jataun sharing her story with “Ghost Town” writer Juliette Carrillo and students from the Institute Summer Residency.


Jataun with the cast and crew of “Ghost Town” and other members of the Venice community.

Sharing an art project from her volunteer work with the Braille Outreach Program.

CLICK HERE to join us in honoring Jataun at Cornerstone’s 15th Annual Bridge Awards on May 17.

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