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Institute Summer Residency

Institute 2016 header

Applications for 2016 are closed.
Look for the next Institute Summer Residency to take place in 2018.
Applications become available January 5, 2018.
Applications will be accepted January 15 through March 15, 2018.
Questions? Contact Paula at

Application instructions:

Include your name at the top of each page.
Number continuous pages.
Use single-sided pages.
Do not use staples on any part of your application.

1. Download the application (available January 5, 2018).
2. Complete the fill-in portion of the application.
3. Type responses to the three essay questions on no more than three pages total.
4. Include two letters of recommendation.

If you have your Letters of Recommendation sent directly to Institute Admissions, please indicate this on the application form. Be clear with your recommenders about the application deadline.

5. Mail applications to
Institute Admissions
Cornerstone Theater Company
708 Traction Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90013
E-Mail to


▢ Completed application form Answers to essay questions on 3 pages or less.
▢ Your Current resume
▢ Two letters of recommendation
▢ If you are requesting Tuition Assistance, Your completed Statement of Need form

Application Process Timeline:
You will receive a confirmation of receipt of your application via email.

* If you do not receive a confirmation of receipt email from Cornerstone within 5 days of mailing, your application did not arrive and you should contact us via telephone or email.

In late March we may schedule a telephone interview with you, or if you are in the Los Angeles area an in-person interview.

Notification of Acceptance will be sent mid-April 2018.
Confirmation of participation is due within a week of notification of acceptance.

Questions? Special circumstances? Communicate!
Contact Paula at and include your telephone number.