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Meet Amelia Yokel: Cast Member in Bliss Point

Yokel-PortraitMeet Amelia Yokel who plays Lara Lyton in our upcoming production of Bliss Point. Amelia shared with us how she came to be involved in the production and what the process has been like to step into her character.


I first heard about Bliss Point when I walked past the Cornerstone office and saw a call for auditions. The day of casting was bright, a little hot for that early in the season. I remember walking through the door and waiting for my eyes to adjust to the welcoming darkness of the space. I was greeted by the Cornerstone staff, smiling warmly and directing me to the sign up sheet. I had my photo taken and was pointed to a round table spilling over with newspapers that Ash claimed she had rustled up from the recycling bin. The task was to find a sentence- any sentence- and prepare to read it for the director, Juliette. I remember a feeling of complete acceptance – of patience, professionalism and community. It was like stumbling onto a campfire in the middle of the city and I remember thinking, “I want to be a part of that.”

My character Lara is a junkie and fellow comrade to Seamus, Billy and Rey. When we meet her in the play, she has rejected her family’s wealth and white-collar background in favor of the needle and the knife. She has two true loves – cocaine and Seamus James Cochran.

Originally the prospect of playing Lara and being involved in the play at Cornerstone was so exciting that I never actually stopped to think about how much it would challenge me to play this lost, hopeless soul. It sounds ridiculous, but since we’re just being honest, that’s the truth. There are some demons of mine buried in this graveyard, skeletons I thought were put to rest and then we drag them out and dance them around the room each night. It’s kind of a wild ride!


Why should people come see Bliss Point?

Because it’s true art. Because you’re going to feel something that’s real. Maybe you’ll even feel something that’s not comfortable. This play is going to push your boundaries and make you squirm, make you sweat and make you think. And that’s exactly why you should be there.

Join us for Bliss Point, our collaboration with the addiction and recovery communities in LA.